Black Platinum Illusions LLC

Performing Dynamic Magic For The Masses

Black Platinum Illusions is about performing dynamic magic for the masses. Roger Lopez with Black Platinum Illusions, LLC has been performing advanced card magic for over two decades.  His unique performances have been seen by thousands of satisfied customers. 


Roger Lopez is one of the most professional and entertaining card manipulators I have ever seen. He has been entertaining our guests for a number of years now and I expect to call him again!
— Dane K.
Roger is amazing with a deck of cards. We had a show recently that he performed at. He was the hit of the night. I have seen a ton of magicians on all parts of the spectrum, and Roger is one of the best. Also, he is comfortable on stage or one-on-one. If you are looking for someone for your next event, call him, you most definitely won’t be disappointed. He will keep your entire party entertained!
— Michael R.
All I can say is wow this guy is so amazing , I highly recommend !!!!!! Me and my wife could not believe the stuff this guy could do. I promise you it’s worth checking out 100 percent.
— Ron S.
Love this dude!!!!!! Roger is absolutely amazing! Still can’t figure out how he does his card tricks! Very entertaining!
— Dominique R.
I’ve seen Roger perform in a number of different settings from events to settings a bit more personal. He blows my mind every time! His slight of hand is flawless! He is also a great showman, able to relate to and connect with any audience and is always nicely dressed. He is the total package as a magician and performer and a consummate professional. Even his ability to throw cards is quite impressive! I would absolutely recommend him for just about any event!!
— Rex F.

Black Platinum Illusions is about performing dynamic magic for the masses. Click the link below to see and their review.